Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine

At Qualipack Machinery, we are proud to present our state-of-the-art Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine. This innovative machine is designed to revolutionize the coffee packaging industry, providing unmatched efficiency and convenience for coffee producers and retailers.

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Product Description

The automatic drip coffee filling machine is mainly designed for filling the disposable packaging of small or medium-sized bags. It can be widely used in coffee powder drip bags, tea bags, herbal tea bags, health tea root bags, etc. The inner bag is made of degradable food packaging filter material with ready-made hanging ear, outer bag can help to ensure the fresh taste of the coffee powder or tea.

Ultrasonic sealing is suitable for inner non-woven packaging material cutting, 100% sealing rate, and tight sealing. Thermal sealing for outer plastic sealing.

Model XY-188-4Z
Bag size Inner bag: L 50-74mmX W 50-90mm
Outer bag: L 85-120mmX W 75-100mm
Bag material Inner bag: Non-woven fabric, nylon filter cloth, corn fiber
Outer bag: Composite film, pure aluminum film, paper film, etc
Bag sealing method Inner bag: ultrasonic sealing 3-side
Outer bag: heat sealing 3-side
Speed 20-35 bag/min
Filling range 1-20g
Contact material part ss304
Filling accuracy ≥99%
Air consumption ≥0.6m³/min
Power 3.7KW
Voltage 220V/1 Phase/50HZ Or customized
Dimension (LxWxH) Approx. 1250*760*2350mm
Weight Approx. 660kg


  • Ultrasonic inner bag sealing is suitable for all non-woven packaging material sealing and cutting, the finish product rate is close to 100%. great sealing effect, beautiful pocket
  • The inner bag roll is a non-woven filter bag with a ready-made hanging ear, and the finished drip coffee bag can be hung on the edge of the cup, Better coffee brewing taste and beautiful bag shape make it very popular in the abroad market.
  • The outer bag is Composite film, which can be heat sealed, and intelligent control temperature controller, temperature control is more accurate. The outer bag adopts photoelectric sensor orientation so that the bag length is more precise and artistic.
  • Volumetric measurement filling, the drip coffee bag filling machine can finish inner and outer bag form, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, date print, and finished product exit.
  • PLC control system, Simple structure, easy to install and maintain.
  • Main electrical elements adopt famous well-known brands.
  • The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, easy to clean.
  • Optional devices are nitrogen-filling devices, date prints, and mixing devices.

Working Process

  • Inner drip bag roll
  • Inner drip bag form (side sealing and bottom sealing)
  • Coffee powder filling
  • Inner drip bag sealing and cutting
  • Outer bag roll
  • Outer bag form (side sealing and bottom sealing)
  • The inner drip bag is filled in the outer bag by a mechanical arm
  • Outer bag sealing and cutting
  • Finished products exit

Efficiency and Precision

Our Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine is engineered to streamline the packaging process, allowing for a higher production output while maintaining the highest level of precision. With its advanced technology, this machine ensures that each coffee bag is filled with the perfect amount of ground coffee, resulting in consistent quality and taste for every customer.

Convenience and Versatility

This machine offers unparalleled convenience and versatility, making it suitable for various coffee bag sizes and types. Whether you prefer single-serve bags or larger packs, our machine can accommodate your specific packaging needs. Additionally, it is equipped with user-friendly controls, allowing for easy operation and minimal training requirements.

Furthermore, our Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine is designed with durability and longevity in mind. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure reliable performance, reducing maintenance and downtime costs for your business.

Enhance Your Coffee Packaging Process

Investing in our Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine will not only enhance your production efficiency but also elevate the overall quality and presentation of your coffee products. With its precise filling capabilities and user-friendly features, this machine is the perfect solution for coffee producers and retailers looking to optimize their packaging process.

Contact us today to learn more about our Drip Coffee Bag Filling Packing Machine and how it can benefit your business. Let us help you take your coffee packaging to the next level.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is a drip coffee bag filling and packing machine? A drip coffee bag filling and packing machine is a specialized equipment used in the coffee industry to automate the process of filling and packaging individual drip coffee bags.
  2. How does a drip coffee bag filling machine work? These machines typically work by automatically dispensing a pre-measured quantity of ground coffee into each bag, sealing the bag, and then cutting it to size. Some models may also include additional features like nitrogen flushing or date coding.
  3. What types of bags can be used with these machines? Drip coffee bag filling and packing machines are designed to work with heat-sealable filter paper bags, which are commonly used for single-serve drip coffee brewing.
  4. What is the capacity of these machines? Capacities can vary depending on the specific model, but typical machines can fill and pack anywhere from 30 to 60 bags per minute, with some high-capacity models capable of even greater throughput.
  5. Can the filling amount be adjusted? Yes, most machines offer adjustable filling ranges to accommodate different coffee volumes per bag, typically ranging from 5g to 15g or more.
  6. What are the key features to look for when choosing a drip coffee bag-filling machine? Important features include the capacity, filling range, sealing type (e.g., three-side seal), material (e.g., stainless steel), control system (e.g., PLC with touchscreen interface), and optional features like date coding or nitrogen flushing.
  7. Are these machines easy to clean and maintain? Generally, drip coffee bag-filling machines are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with many components accessible for regular upkeep and sanitation.
  8. Do these machines require specialized training to operate? While basic training may be necessary to operate the machine effectively and safely, most modern machines feature user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making them relatively easy to use.
  9. Can these machines handle different types of coffee blends or ground sizes? Yes, drip coffee bag-filling machines are typically versatile enough to handle various coffee blends and grind sizes, though some adjustments may be needed depending on the specific characteristics of the coffee.
  10. Are drip coffee bag-filling machines suitable for small-scale coffee producers? Yes, there are models available that cater to small-scale producers, offering affordable and compact solutions for filling and packing drip coffee bags efficiently.